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How Can Community Consultation Become More Useful & Effective?

For the public launch of CCQOL, we held an online discussion, chaired by CCQOL research lead Professor Flora Samuel, attended by TOWN’s Jonny Anstead and Eleri Thomas of Public Practice.
The event introduced the project and then discussed the overarching question that the research poses: how can community consultation become more useful and effective?
The event is the first in a series that will complement a literature review that is being conducted as part of the project, which seeks to understand how current research and practice is adapting to the rapidly and continually evolving community engagement and consultation landscapes within the UK.

Belonging and togetherness – listen again

People should feel ‘at home’ where they live – within both their homes and communities. That means creating places that encourage interactions with others and create a local identity through the provision of shops and services. Building in this way nurtures cultures that are intrinsic to a place and help people to build roots, traditions and identities.

Martyn Evans, Creative Director at U+I plc, chairs this discussion with panelists Pooja Agrawal (Homes England and Public Practice), Sophia de Sousa (Chief Executive, The Glass-House) and Adam Hawksbee (Head of Policy and Programme Development at West Midlands Combined Authority).

Access to nature – listen again

Our recent panel discussion focused on how connection to nature is vital to our wellbeing.

Garden designer and Gardeners’ Question Time regular, Matthew Wilson, chaired the panel that also included Louise Wyman, Strategic Director, Manchester City Council; Louise Clarke Head of Sustainable Places at Berkeley Group and Loyd Grossman, Chairman of Royal Parks.

Topics covered the positive effects that spending time in nature can bring, particularly during the recent lockdown; the role that local authorities can play in giving people access to nature; and the challenges of keeping parks open and clean at a time when they are getting much more use.
You can listen again below.

A sense of control – listen again

How can a feeling of ownership allow people to feel invested in their communities for the long term? That was the topic of discussion for The Quality of Life Foundation’s first panel event.

Chaired by Jonny Anstead, Director at TOWN, the panel featured Jo Negrini, Chief Executive at Croydon Council; Vidhya Alakeson, Chief Executive of Power to Change; and Matt Bell, Head of Corporate Affairs at Grosvenor Group.

Panelists shared their views on issues such as the impact of Covid-19 in our communities, how to encourage diversity and equality in the way we control our neighbourhoods, and how to create meaningful public participation in planning processes.
You can listen again below.


If you would like to demonstrate your commitment to raising people’s quality of life and sharing best practice, contact us and learn how to get involved as a Partner or an Associate. We work with a range of companies and individuals, each committed to raising people’s quality of life.


We are assembling a collective of Associates who will help us to scale-up our research, networks and thought leadership, and contribute towards our framework of improving health and wellbeing in the built environment. What we need are people – catalytic, energetic, effective people – who can get things done and show what good practice looks like. 

This is a separate role to our existing funding partners, who currently include Berkeley Group, Grosvenor and U+I, so Associates will not be asked for funding.

The roles of associates include:

  • Contributing to thought leadership with content and debate of issues that are key to people’s quality of life;
  • Adding to our knowledge base and blog posts through sharing specific sectoral knowledge;
  • Sharing our work through networks and social channels;
  • Taking part in research events.

Contact us below to get involved.