Our Partners

If you would like to demonstrate your commitment to raising people’s quality of life and sharing best practice, contact us and learn how to get involved as a Partner, Associate or Supporter. We work with a range of companies and individuals, each committed to raising people’s quality of life.

Berkeley Group is our founding partner. They build homes and neighbourhoods across London, Birmingham and the South of England, reviving underused land, creating welcoming, sustainable and nature-rich places where communities thrive and where people of all ages and backgrounds enjoy a great quality of life. They have provided both leadership and support since the Foundation’s inception, with funding for both the core business and ongoing research.

Our ambition on every site is to create a welcoming and integrated community, where people of all ages and backgrounds can live sustainably and enjoy a good quality of life. Through our partnership with the Quality of Life Foundation we aim to share best practice placemaking, support innovation and help the industry to deliver greater social, environmental and economic value in the years ahead.

Dating back more than 260 years, The Crown Estate is a unique business with a diverse portfolio that stretches across the country. It includes some of London’s best places to work, shop and experience, regional retail and leisure destinations, and a substantial rural portfolio. Established by an Act of Parliament, they are tasked with generating profit for the Treasury for the benefit of the nation’s finances. This has totalled £3bn over the last ten years. The Crown Estate is a core partner and has contributed to the running costs of the organisation.

The Quality of Life Foundation Framework comes at a moment when everyone is re-evaluating what is important to them, especially where we live and how we work. As an industry, we also need to reflect on this as we enter a new era for the nation. As we consider the principles which will guide the future of development and regeneration, we need to assess how we ensure the wellbeing of our people and our communities, and what it means to be sustainable.

U+I plc is a property developer and investor focused on regenerating overlooked and underestimated urban spaces. They have provided funding and logistical support for the core business and will take part in the development of CCQOL, our new model for digital consultation. 

Creating a successful neighbourhood involves much more than just bricks and mortar. It’s about giving people somewhere safe, green and fun to spend their time, with as much thought given to the buildings as the spaces around them. The best placemaking also understands the importance of an area’s past and uses it to meaningfully inspire its future. We are supporting The Quality of Life Foundation to research just how much value this understanding can bring, and how we can make this insight an important part of the wider planning process.

Lovell is a partnership housing expert and a leading provider of innovative residential construction and regeneration developments across England, Scotland and Wales. They have provided core funding and are particularly interested in how housebuilders can improve housing design to raise people’s quality of life.

In 1971, we built the first ever affordable partnership homes. Nearly 50 years later, this pioneering spirit sustains our commitment to working with communities as they transform themselves. Our partnerships are characterised by innovation, ambition and vision.

Grosvenor Britain and Ireland is a privately owned property company with a 340 year track record of developing, investing in and managing properties to deliver lasting commercial and social benefit. They do this through their Living Cities approach- developing a deep understanding of the cities and communities they operate in. Grosvenor has provided the Foundation with funding and took part in our first YourQOL pilot in Barton Park, Oxfordshire.

Supporting community success is right at the heart of Grosvenor’s strategy. That involves learning to listen and understanding how to involve people in the way that places get made and managed. Working with the Quality of Life Foundation is a fantastic way for property companies like us to address these issues. It helps you create places where people can live the good life for the long term.

dRMM is a London-based, international studio of architects and designers renowned for creating architecture that is innovative, high quality and socially useful. They have provided help with the direction of the Foundation, as well as logistical and marketing support.

URBED is an award-winning design and research consultancy based in Manchester. They believe in building sustainable towns and cities and enabling good design. URBED is helping to synthesize our research to date and develop a Quality of Life Framework.

UKGBC aims to radically improve the sustainability of the built environment, by transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated. Together we are working on new guidance to demystify the practice of measuring the social value of buildings and places.

Social Life is a social enterprise that specialises in research and community projects exploring how people are affected by changes in the built environment.

Publica is a London-based urban design and public realm practice that works to make our cities more successful, functional and beautiful. They carried out our literature review into the quality of life and the built environment.

ING Media is the only PR agency that can navigate the complex worlds of property, architecture, design, regeneration and culture to help brands, organisations and cities thrive in a connected world.

Portland are a strategic communications consultancy. They get to the point with clarity, insight and focus. Communication is not just what you say, it’s how you get things …

Kaizen Partnership is an award-winning social business that delivers work in the community sector. Together, they are carrying out the residents’ research across the UK.

Elmwood is an independent brand design consultancy in London, Leeds, New York, Melbourne and Singapore. They are our branding partner.

Real Worth help organisations identify, maximise, measure and communicate the societal value of buildings, places and programmes. They are developing the YourQOL survey with us.

Commonplace is an online community engagement platform, helping to engage with more community members, collect their ideas and make better places. They are our digital partners on YourQOL and CCQOL.

We are working with University of Reading on the development of the new model for digital consultation, CCQOL.