Consultancy services


We offer services to local authorities, developers and housing associations through the whole life of the development process. We do this through our trading subsidiary, to ensure financial sustainability for the charity.


From working with local authorities on policy and plans, all the way through to carrying out post-occupancy evaluation, we have something for every stage of the process. 


Using our evidence-based Quality of Life Framework, our services will help you to create places that really do benefit the long-term health and wellbeing of residents. 


Read on to find out how we can support you.

Quality of Life Training

Quality of Life training is a one day workshop that helps local authorities to embed a health and wellbeing approach to planning, housing, highways and public health, using the Quality of Life Framework.

We provide a support and training package for local authorities and health providers aimed at better joining up place-based policy and how it is delivered on the ground.

Quality of Life Mapping

Quality of Life Mapping is a map-based approach to community engagement. It takes place online and face-to-face through community spaces, pop-ups and community spaces called urban rooms, and is combined with local and national data.

Our first project is with Harlow & Gilston Garden Town and is funded through the Department of Levelling Up, Housing and Communities Proptech 2 fund. Harlow & Gilston Garden Town will create exciting new communities in Harlow with many new homes. It will support regeneration of the Town Centre and provide new job opportunities, including the arrival of Public Health England’s new life-sciences facility.

Our role is to create an overview of what local people value, need and fear, based on a series of conversations with individuals and groups, backed up by the latest available local and national data.

The project was born out of the CCQOL (Community Consultation for Quality of Life) project, with pilots in Reading, Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast.

Pre-planning support

Quality of Life pre-planning support uses the Quality of Life Framework to review development schemes, inform masterplans and help create coherent visions for places. Our reviews focus on people’s physical, social and psychological wellbeing as critical objectives to ensure the best outcomes for people, places and the planet.

Post-occupancy evaluation: Resident Review

Our Resident Review is a post-occupancy evaluation service that provides you with a way for residents and communities to let you know what they think and feel about where they live. Crucially, it also makes suggestions about how the design, delivery and management of the development may be contributing.

In doing so, it enables you to improve both their current neighbourhoods and your future developments.