Quality of Life Foundation pre-planning support


What pre-planning support does the Quality of Life Foundation offer?


Quality of Life pre-planning support uses the Quality of Life Framework to review development schemes, inform masterplans and help create coherent visions for places. Our reviews focus on people’s physical, social and psychological wellbeing as critical objectives to ensure the best outcomes for people, places and the planet.  

We invite you to draw on our health and wellbeing expertise to design socially sustainable homes and neighbourhoods for the long term.

For consultancies

When tendering for planning and urban design work, you are vying to prove your technical ability, experience, and your approach to providing traditional social value. But what sets you apart from your competitors? 

By working with us, you can use the Quality of Life Framework as a tool in the design process. You will lead the way in showing a commitment to embedding health and wellbeing into your project and creating better places using our evidence based approach.


For developers and local planning authorities

You want to know the work you are commissioning is going to meet high environmental and social standards. 

By working with us, you can use the Quality of Life Framework as a procurement and reviewing tool. This will let you take an evidence-based approach to achieving standards and to maximise return on investment. 


Our role

As consultants, we will take a critical friend role by: 

  • reviewing designs and processes at key milestones; 
  • helping draft briefs;
  • informing your vision and high level design principles. 

The benefits of our pre-planning support

By working with us, you will set yourself apart on a project, showing your commitment to creating better homes and neighbourhoods using an evidence-based approach.

You will be able to demonstrate leadership in social sustainability to your stakeholders, including communities, politicians and planning authorities.

And you will be able to set and achieve high standards, maximising return on investment.