When problems occur, as they sometimes do, they are easier to deal with if we feel that we have a degree of control over our situation. This is as true of the home as it is of the neighbourhood. One of the biggest issues that disempowers us is feeling unsafe and vulnerable. A sense of wellbeing comes from believing that there is something that we and our neighbours can do to improve our area and address local problems. This is particularly important when major change is planned where we can be involved through participation and co-design of new development.

1A) Influence

Including co-production and participation in design, influence over local decisions and potentially involvement in management.

1B) Safety

Neighbourhoods where people can feel safe, inside and out and about, at all times of the day and night.

1C) Permanence

Schemes that provide affordable long- term homes with security of tenure.



Localism in action

We speak to Councillor Matthew Brown, leader of Preston City Council, about the city’s response to the pandemic, his view of the planning white paper,…
Matthew Morgan
October 27, 2020