We should probably accept that having a car contributes to your quality of life. It allows you to get to places for work and leisure that would otherwise be hard to reach, particularly for those of us who don’t have access to good public transport. The problem is that when everyone enjoys these freedoms our collective quality of life suffers. Roads become unsafe, congested, noisy and polluted. Parked cars clog our streets, and our health suffers as we walk and cycle less. We must therefore encourage more people to walk, cycle and use public transport. Initially, this may mean that the car is used less, but before long people will ask why we need two cars, or even a car at all. This will contribute to everyone’s quality of life.

5A) Walking & Cycling

Places that encourage active travel through a design approach that makes it easy for most people to walk and cycle for their daily needs.

5B) Public Transport

Making it easy to get to frequent high quality public transport.

5C) Cars

Minimising car use by prioritising other modes of movement, and accommodating cars in a way that minimises their negative impact on the local environment.