20th November 2020


The Quality of Life Foundation

The Quality of Life Foundation is a new independent body committed to making wellbeing central to the way we create and care for our homes and communities. There is currently too much short-term thinking in the housing sector and government at a local and national level, which has led to public apathy and distrust in developers and councils. We believe the solution is long-term thinking that prioritises people’s quality of life, by which we mean their physical, social and psychological wellbeing.

We focus on how people think and feel about their homes and communities, and how that experience can be improved. We do this through: 

  • Research to provide insights and leadership (including contributions from Publica, Social Life, Kaizen Partnership and Portland Communications);
  • A quality of life framework to apply those insights to the built environment (in collaboration with URBED);
  • Practical projects that create change (including YourQOL, below).


Crucial to making wellbeing central to the way we create and care for our homes and communities is a more active and long-lasting dialogue with communities and residents throughout the development process. An important missing element is feedback from residents about how good (or otherwise) their homes and neighbourhoods are.

This feedback provides: 

  • vital information on how well different homes and neighbourhoods serve the needs of their residents;
  • an ongoing dialogue between residents and developers or landlords, which give residents a greater sense of agency in their living arrangements;
  • greater transparency in the outcomes of development, which will create greater accountability to residents and the wider community, and encourage uplift of standards across the sector. 

The Foundation has been working with Commonplace, the online community engagement platform, to create a post-occupancy service, YourQOL, that uses the Quality of Life framework as a basis for feedback. The first site to be assessed was Grosvenor Britain & Ireland’s Barton Park in Oxfordshire. The second is Alma Road in Enfield, London. 

We have need of help on the questions we ask, specifically how they meet the objectives of the organisation to measure people’s quality of life over the long term based on the framework, but also how they can provide a benchmark across the industry. We also want to find methods to increase engagement with the survey.

YourQOL objectives

  • Needs to be tied closely to the objectives of the Foundation.
  • Needs to use the Quality of Life Framework as a basis.
  • Needs to be user-friendly, suitable for use both digitally and in person.
  • Needs to be flexible enough to be used in developments of different locations, tenures and ages.
  • Needs to be accessible enough to appeal to different housing providers.  
  • Needs to recognise and resolve the sometimes competing objectives of allowing residents to report on the specifics of individual neighbourhoods in a way that can be understood and benchmarked across the industry. 


The consultant will need to report to the Director of the Quality of Life Foundation, who in turn reports to the Quality of Life Foundation Board.    


  • 18th December 2020: deadline for proposals
  • w/c 4th January 2021: interview of candidates
  • 8th January 2021: Selection of successful candidate
  • 22nd January 2021: First draft of survey
  • 29th January 2021: Final draft of survey


If you are interested in being considered for this work, please write to matthew@qolf.org by 15th December 2021, detailing your experience to date, an outline proposal and budget for the project. We welcome and encourage applications from people of all backgrounds.


Please include a fee in your proposal.