Welcome to the Quality of Life Foundation.

Our aim is to raise people’s quality of life. We do this by making wellbeing central to the way we create and care for our homes and communities.

The UK needs more and better-quality homes. But there is too much short-term thinking. This is the case in the housing sector, local and national government.

This can result in developments that are of poor quality, badly designed or built in the wrong place. These are bad for both people and the planet. And they will result in public apathy and distrust in developers and councils.

The Quality of Life Foundation is working with thought leaders, decision makers and the public to change this. We want to create a national ‘coalition of the willing’ to find longterm, evidence-based solutions to these challenges.

Our response to the Government's Planning White Paper puts wellbeing at the heart of how we create and care for our homes and communities.

  • Our review of the government’s planning white paper, Planning for the Future, has been informed by our in-depth research, before and during lockdown, into what individuals think makes a good place to live.
  • While we believe the paper offers complex and thoughtful solutions to longstanding and major problems, we have identified areas where greater detail or further thought are needed.
  • In general, we would urge the Government to clarify just how local communities and local authorities are to be involved and supported through this process so we can change the UK housing model
    from one of short-term gain to long-term social, economic and environmental success.

Love where you live

David Cope, a Trustee of the National Park City Foundation, outlines how the UK city dwellers might benefit from National Park Cities

Have a Shit Planning Christmas

One of the few bright spots in the past year has been Shit Planning, an anonymous Twitter account that offers a "celebration of all the Shit Stuff imposed on our environment". As we exit one of the shittiest years ever, we thought we would talk to Shit Planning about the year just gone and what's ahead.

Listen again to our events

Listen to our series of events that examine key aspects of our emerging framework, including a sense of control, belonging and togetherness and access to nature.

The Quality of Life framework


The Quality of Life Framework is a set of six themes that we need to consider when creating and caring for our homes and communities.

Belonging: People should feel ‘at home’ where they live – within both their homes and communities. That means creating places that encourage interactions with others and create a local identity through the provision of shops and services. Building in this way nurtures cultures that are intrinsic to a place and help people to build roots, traditions and identities.

Our framework


Having access to nature in our built environment is vital to our wellbeing, and over the past few months this has become increasingly evident. We have been able to take a step back, slow down and realise quite how important the natural environment is to our physical and mental health.


A place that ignites creativity through fun, wonder, exploration and adventure through all means will greatly support and improve the mental and physical wellbeing of its community.


Healthy homes are healthy for people and healthy for the planet. They are constructed with care and attention to detail, and can accommodate different uses over time. Too often, the quality of homes is patchy, and initiatives such as permitted development highlight the need to regulate how new homes are created.


The ability to move freely (and flexibly, as modes of transport shift) is important to our normal, day-to-day lives as well as our more exciting and adventurous experiences. And, the benefits of active travel (i.e. walking and cycling) boost our physical and mental health.


The feeling of agency and the ability to have a say over changes within a neighbourhood allows people to invest in their community for the long-term.