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Evidence Review highlights scale of the housing crisis

A review of evidence since the pandemic into the effect of the built environment on people's health and wellbeing since the pandemic. The Evidence Review highlights the extent of the housing crisis in the UK, as well as the clear social, environmental and financial benefits of taking an approach to our housing system that focuses on people’s health and wellbeing.

Seven steps to public participation

Public participation in planning has clear social, environmental and economic benefits, but if it is to improve its inclusion and impact, the sector urgently needs a Code of Conduct. This is one of seven recommendations from Public participation in Planning in the UK, a groundbreaking review of research on participation, engagement and consultation in planning with a focus on the UK, with lessons applicable to other places.

Resident Review – closing the feedback loop in UK housing

Crucial to making wellbeing central to the way we create and care for our homes and communities is a more active and long-lasting dialogue with communities and residents throughout the development process. Resident Review asks residents what they think and feel about where they live. We have been piloting it across the country and are now offering it as a service to developers, local authorities and housing associations.

The UK needs more and better-quality homes. But there is too much short-term thinking in the housing sector, local and national government.

This can result in developments that are of poor quality, badly designed or built in the wrong place. These are bad for both people and the planet, and will result in public apathy and distrust in developers and councils. We want to change this by finding longterm, evidence-based solutions to these challenges.

The Quality of Life Framework brings together all of the Foundation’s work to date into six overriding themes; Control, Health, Nature, Wonder, Movement and Belonging. It offers practical steps to how communities, developers and local authorities can create better places for people to live by placing greater emphasis on health and wellbeing.