Let’s build quality of life together

We are researchers, advocates and consultants striving for healthy homes and sustainable neighbourhoods

Your Quality of Life Community Report

This report sets out findings of our public engagement project in Harlow and Gilston Garden Town.

Inclusive engagement toolkit

This toolkit outlines the key steps to enable and encourage equal access to opportunities and resources during consultation and engagement processes for planning.

Progress Report 2019-2022

The Quality of Life Foundation has come a long way since its inception in 2019. Our Progress Report shares our story, what we have achieved since those early days, and takes a look forward to what we plan to achieve in the future.

About the Quality of Life Foundation

We are a UK charity committed to improving people’s quality of life by changing the way the housing industry and government acquires, plans, designs, builds and manages homes and neighbourhoods.

In doing so, we contribute to residents and communities having a greater sense of control over what they value and need in their local area. And we support the creation of more healthy homes and socially, environmentally and economically sustainable neighbourhoods.


Through our trading subsidiary, we provide consultancy services to community groups, property developers, local authorities and housing associations to help them put health and wellbeing at the heart of the development process. Our trading subsidiary is wholly owned by the charity.

The Quality of Life Framework brings together all of the Foundation’s work to date into six overriding themes; Control, Health, Nature, Wonder, Movement and Belonging. It offers practical steps to how communities, developers and local authorities can create better places for people to live by placing greater emphasis on health and wellbeing.