Quality of Life training

What is Quality of Life training?

Quality of Life training is a one day workshop that helps local authorities to embed a health and wellbeing approach to planning, housing, highways and public health, using the Quality of Life Framework.

We provide a support and training package for local authorities and health providers aimed at better joining up place-based policy and how it is delivered on the ground.

The programme helps deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes and fosters a collaborative approach across departments and between partnership organisations.

Why is this training important?


How places are shaped over time can have a dramatic impact on our quality of life. 

Developing a shared understanding of the relationships between places and the people who live in them – and working together with this knowledge – can reap significant benefits for health and wellbeing, and also in improved economic, social and environmental outcomes for all. 

Quality of Life Training gives local authorities, local communities and key stakeholders a tailored outline of how this can be achieved in practical actions that can be taken by those involved in the development of their local areas.


The benefits of Quality of Life Training


This training gives local authority Chief Executives and senior leadership teams the opportunity to take a clear lead in health and place – key to levelling up. Undertaking it will demonstrate your leadership in caring for the health and wellbeing of your residents in the long term.

It uses our own research-backed Quality of Life Framework, which provides six lenses through which to improve health and wellbeing in your local area. Taking this holistic approach is essential if we really are to make sure our places impact positively on people’s quality of life.

This training: 

  • Gives you a thorough understanding of the relationships between places and people
  • Enables you to use that understanding to shape both policy and practice
  • Uses key case studies, research and examples to assist in developing better health-based approaches
  • Brings together industry experts in a variety of built environment and health fields
  • Makes clear the links between health and the built environment without using excessive jargon
  • Is tailored to your local area’s issues and needs.

The training has been developed by people with a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by local authorities and their partners when it comes to translating place-based policy to on-the-ground practice. As such, it acknowledges the issues around scarce resources within local authorities and Public Health organisations and aims to provide solutions within that constraint.


Participants will come away from the workshop with: 

  1. Confidence in applying a health-and-wellbeing lens to places in their local area
  2. A greater understanding of common health-and-wellbeing challenges and solutions with colleagues in other departments
  3. A ‘quick win’ they can apply to their own work, and a sense of how that fits into a longer term vision for their local communities.